host issues

10 Oct

well i went to visit my site today , and found it non functional , Sso i dove into the cpanel to see why.

to my horror , 000webhost  has decided , without any warning ,  to  suspend my account due to using 20% cpu more than 1000 times . apperently in violation of there tos  , I read it 8 times , dont not say anything about cpu usage IIRC , but thats beside the point and its there servers and they make the rules.

well in order to restore my account , I would have to pay to upgrade the account , monthly. witch i am in no postion to do , no cc , no paypal etc , further more i have no steady job atm  to cover those costs..

The website / blog was  s free service to the comunity,  and it reminded me everytime i looked at it that there was still a ray of hope that unreal would stay alive and that i was a part of it.  I filled that weird hole of people that still almost care but dont want to look for them selves at 11 differnt unreal sites.

I fell like I am tottaly screwed now , all my links and referrers and established viewers , with not find me again.  all tho establish visiters, the rss feed pulled by  sites will now be dead ,   links from so many sites i helped propagate over the last 2 years  will become jsut another dead unreal site . , pretty much my worse fear here.

ok yeah so this site will just feed in  to gresults ansd stuff again , but  that how i feel about it.

I have backups of most the files and pages that were on the site. the bigger stuff was all on dopbox and all the images  are hosted on picasa , I have the whol;e  or most of –  all the posts and content in the wordpress databases. minus tags and meta.

i can easily recreate the web page with hour or 2 of work  on a new host  after i find one.

*edit*I really have no way of telling everyone that i have moved except mabye if they are following my , or  they see the site links in my server.

** you can follow the twitter at your own risk , as it ends up i post random unreal stuff there  like half in between-posts, and you may get spammed with random unreal links in your feed….

this host is not a long term solution as it has no plugin support and half almost none of the features that my original host had

here some stats from the old page.


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2 responses to “host issues

  1. Ron-br

    October 11, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Hi, I found you Bob, who would say, navigating through MSN, the portal BING, Bob Coop News typed your page and thought, fine, I thought you would not find it, update your feed in my blog even more friends.

    Hola, Eu te achei Bob, quem diria, navegando pelo MSN, no portal do BING, digitei Bob Coop News e achei tua pagina, legal, pensei que não ia te achar mais, atualizei o teu FEED no meu blog, até mais amigo.


    • bobisunreal

      October 11, 2011 at 3:41 pm

      yeah i kinda agree they will find me ,
      but issues are that all the links and stuff from other sites , are my biggest deal , there links to files posts etc wont work . , i cant redirect them , since i have no control of the old site…

      I will have to see what goes on and where i go from here.
      i dont wanna run around and change links after 2 years now
      but yeah whatever
      everything is so messed up here now

      glad you found me tho. yeah
      thx for all the posts and stuff linking here / there .


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