Just a thought about importing ut stuff

04 Oct

With all the compatibility options and stuff with 277h and botpack , You can at least open most ut packages in 227 . I was just thinking about a ‘easier’ way to export models from ut into ue1. After thinking about what was said about 220 scripts in 225. aand how i fixed mod , It occured to me that you could open ut whatever mods  in 227h with the botpack  addon , and  do ucc export  ( for defualts and guidelines) ,`

Create  a proper subclass of your acter/ weapon whatever unreali etc.. ,  Dump in the exported defualts/ code   via paste   comment out (or not) and delete the botpack references (tounamentplayer ./ tourmantweapon)  , Recompile and save, Leaving only the model/resources  in the file , and removing the references to botpack. -u227 has delete class!

This is a possible subsitiute to using umodel / utpt / whatever to export the model and recompile it. that usally time consuming having to  add all includes / imports for skins and crap , guessing multiskins ,  or jerking around with import commands in ut.

I didnt test but mabye i will next time i need to import stuff ,

i usally take the route of utpt / umodel / ucc  as unrealed has stupid bugs and crap in the script editor etc , like not saving scripts and dosnt have all the fancy features  like structure lines and highting..

– I am by no means a expert on the subject ….

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