master-unreals remakes of the original beta pawns

01 Oct

master unreal has decided  to attempt to remake the pawns from the leaked unreal nine5  beta , the one that has no usable objects and that your cant even play the leaked version  with a editor mod was posted  but the link  was removed .unlike on unrealsp , .the demo is avalible on mutiple hardcore unreal fan sites if you search.

here the link

however i wont show the source tho as to not have the poster remove it.


there was no way to extract the models from the demo tho  , so mu took top down shots and recreated them with his aperent mad modeling skills.

judging be the post he made at npg , asking about intrest of use , it seem like he has no plannes to share them at first.

most people have no clue what thes monster are from or how they are connected to unreral. so whatever , i have seen the leaked beta ansd it so so .

ther are likly vertex model dragons already around  ,  like the u4e  draco model??  so i kant be to  excited.


any way here is a bunch of blender screen shots that he posted .while very cool  , thats all they are , screenshots , no usable pawns,  no code , no published anything .

the firefly

the broken blob


the big man  brute guy

the dragon

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