map work

01 Oct

yeah it been only a 5 days  ,  but it really has been week for me

not that any body cares  but I had a toothache all week and couldnt sit here more then 20 minutes at a time the whole week.

progress on my map is currently no more then last time . I tried using 227 editor and realized  how much more stable it was and almost had a cow , not a single crash in 4 days working on the map.  ’play map’ works and saves me a crap of time . i really wish there was save-as ( & Remove levelsummary) option tho. ill ask for that for 227i , and mabye a strip 227 actors option.

basicly save as with compatibility with older versions

i have 1 issue so far , i added a static mesh exported from a sketup model and it imported fine visably in mesh browser , but cannot be placed , well it it is s placed and cannot be seen , and now  its placed ,  cannot be seen and cannot be deleted since it is placed and unseen and placed actors are dependent on said undeletable mesh. gfjfhjgfhgfjhygf!!!!.

when you try to delete a static mesh  in the mesh viwer and it says its being referenced , giving the option to destroy the  referencing actors may have been a really good idea.

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