BBGbarrels coop extra flyby map and checkpoint crap

01 Oct

remember when i posted about bbg’sw barrels doom coop?

turns out the auther made a  map that continues that map , a ‘flyby’. but decided not to include it with the map due to it not working in coop  , nobody but me even runs that map on a server ( that i know of ) , so coop shouldnt have been any issues .

another stupid thing  , unreal  by it nature is a coop game , if you cant make your maps coop freindly , or without hacks its bs. see also rtnp ,onp , even paci as a example of semi-failed coop designs. (cutscenes ,  trap , whatever). interpolation points im guessing is why it not coop friendly , , instead of that , made a repeating  ’rollor coaster” mover that drag the players tho the map , or  even some simple script.

btw , coop dosnt mean extra emenies and checkpoints , it just means a team effort and  in a perfect world all maps should be playable in both situations.\

flyby map download: ..

non dog mirror 

Source (for context) ;


.Speaking of checkpoints. If you silly enought to need that in a map ,

There  is a example map at this post by bbg that could  be one way to implement it.

but i degress

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