updated s3tc textures

25 Sep



Diehard has released major updates  in the last week to the st3c textures packages ( as far as i can tell) including alot of fixes , how you can break a texture i dont know hehe.

But he has neatly posted then on this oldunreal page , in a easy to figure out not burried 400 levels deep format ,

They are huge files , and you should go there and see what you need first. Before you download them , These textures only work with certin custom renderers  ( opengl  dx9+) and in 227. so if you have vannila 226 , you may want to skip them.

i personaly wouldnt recommend extremeend version as its just hugy huge  (2 gb files)  , But most pc’s less then 5 years old should be able to run the high end ones.

they do massivly improve the looks of unreal tho , but after you get used to them and then  then play without them you will realiz just how crappy the original unreal texturees looked  compared lol

edit:  where are the  checksums for all the files.. md5 etc ? there big files….

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