progress on halloween map

23 Sep

I have been working quite alot at it this last week im guessing mabye 20-40 hours worth of time , It to the point now where I am not sure if it a good idea to show my progress  and spoil the exploring aspect , But 5 major areas have been added, The spooky lake , the graveyard and haunted house has been layed out , The upper village was been started , and the pirates cove?? may be next.

Why does it take so long you ask ? due to occludebsp crashing the editor every 20 minutes. That editor is garbage.

This  map is not strictly a ‘coop’ map once finished it may be able to serve as a type of rpg map.

I am considering objectives or something like go get a pumkin  and bring it back  and “carve’  it  , Go trick or treating  to the upper village  or something  to make it more coop like. lol get the candy bags as weapons ya not gonna happen…

walking tho the haunted forest to get there. theres a graveyard but im not sure how that fits in yet. there is this bizzare idea to add a pirate ship to the spire part of the map. since apparently pirates are important on halloween…

Im pretty sure a few of these ideas may be beyond my skill level . But so far it looking awsome to me.- Whatever you  saw before you can expect double the detail now.

I have imported over 30 models from UT to serve as details where possible im avoiding using  bsp.. Includes 4 pawns. and 25 decorations  in the new hallows_fx package. im currently working on some pawns/ mutators / whatever to use thos models with.


it really to bad that im not using 227h , as the ammount of static mesh format models on the internet is overwelming and i could easily go ape with  those meshes.  compatibiliy is more important to me tho.

The map will be divided into  7 or 8  main areas:


The pumkinpatch

The uppervillage ( layed out but not detailed)

The 5 story haunted house with catacomb basment, ( may be hardest thing here to make)

The haunted field (forest)

The spooky lake.

the spire graveyard + tombs system

the pirates cove ????

the catacombs


more to come

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