Ron’s Servers…..

21 Sep

Ron has been forced to stop hosting  his 2 servers due to operating costs .Whether that means he wont still  play is unkown. But thats 2 less servers in the list to choose from. I didnt play there all that much but I encouraged the development of his maps by converting and running them on my servers andposting his stuff here where people can see it,  I also saved his   maps when he lost them.

Prehaps he will still develop maps  in his spare time and upload them when he can.

As for the maps being to easy , It took me at least a hour or 4 to play tho all the maps ,  At least 3 of them like the one with the nali tomb key , The  under table key and the map with the exploding wall near the tools took me quite a while to figure out , even with all the tranlator  hints. They were fun to explore and see something new.

Thanks for all your work  your  Time !

Source :

he reposted all the maps for  enjoyment here , it a mix of 226 / 225 maps…

also  some loose ones  or ones he send me


We all get in bad situations sometimes.Myself is not it the best of situation either and only one person here works to pay all the bills due the job market for older experienced workers being crap , It dosnt help that the jobs are outsourced and  this enconomy . I personal love this game to much to ever quit! I would  jack the neigbors wifi and host/ play  from there with a bit of  there router reconfiiguation if i ever had to make that choice.

I just messed up my foot A month ago falling tho  roof rafters  helping my uncle with his roof .  While trying  to make some extra money.  Irony : I will propaly barly break even  with my extra cost of my foot.

That  is why I am UNREAL…  it is my life.

edit : i can probably host all his maps on my severs , but i would rather have them linked into a pack that makes sence , not me having to link 8 randomly named maps in a order i dont know.

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