week of recap…

18 Sep

recap of little things ( again)

server just got a major ram update ,

It now has 3 times as much ram as it did before  it now up to 3 gb, I  also have the kit  laying here to go up to a full 4 gb if it i feel like it too.  it a 32 bit OS  ATM so im not sure the full 4 gb will be worth installing. Hopfully  this will help with load times and the lag a bit when im doing 200 things at once.

So no more saying theres not enough resources and that why the games hangs and crashes. Theres bloody gb’s of avalible ram now and  68% cpu avalible to the game.

I have 3  unreal severs so this should  help wit the shared resources between them.


kaal from du decides to start taking mods from oldunreal mods for monsterhunt ,  i posted a semi nasty but polite post there , But I have no acual problem with this honstly and it not worth fighting about. just credit the people that all! Share all mods  for all!

post :

if you cant view the site w/o registration .png

I am gonna delete or whiteout my post over there since i changed my mind. It was stupid of me to jump like that. I dont give a crap what you do with the files or where you host them. I have no control. 

The topic has been locked over there , i guess i win.

For you who dont know :

Monster hunt is a game type that is like coop but with repeatatily unbalanced over powered monsters and repeated -predictable designs , kill 6 of these,  200 of thom go to a check point , jump this ledge thing  repeat , it just like coop , but total ruined and unfun.


Dots creates a advanced admin handler that lets 227h provide multiple access levels and moderation , but may not work with  modified gametypoes


A project or prehaps finished update to Infiltration with 227 only features :

– my 2 cents : that cool , but  It is  like anti productive : it only for 227h so the crowd of 226′ers wont be playing inf any more and will stop playing unreal.


I start work on a hallowwe themed spirevillage n map , and discover jays maps are all edit protected.



mental_Hunter slowly starts porting a new model: the  walking tree from ut.

and sent me this screenshot:



a reminder that 227h wont run on win 98 or me for some tart compiler reason.

i see this as a fail. many ( i assume) unreal users may still use older 3dfx cards  that the game was built for . Cards that  dont have proper glide drivers for win xp + and wont be able to upgrade to 227. I tryed 227 on a older voodo0 5  super tuner card  in win 98 and it failed to start , expecting a newer os. , I got reports windows me will not work either.

I can run ut2004 a unrealengine2 game on win98  but 227 cant run makes no sence! ( i dont run windows 98 on any game pc any more  mb died on that one, so this isnt my fight.)


i fixed my path mistake i accidently pathed it to ron224_43  in map 42 , archive not updated just this file.



the oldunreal wiki gets a major over haul thanks to hellkeeper

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