Halloween crap.

16 Sep

Halloween fast aproaching  ,

My friends ’great’ idea  – to make a ghost town map. By idea he basiicly talks about it as if it will magically happen from me or he will ‘ find’ some other guy to  make it. LoL.

So I decide Hey whatever why not, It not like I am not already doing 6 things.

So it begins ,  He says He wants a haunted town style map:  Graveyards , pumpkin patches , Tunnels , Haunted houses ,  zombie, bats +  whatever , I tell him theres already a map like that called halloween , I search ,  find it and realize its a haunted farm ,  He says no farm heh  .

He recomeded I start from spirevillage and remove the houses , I do so , first line of business,  the pumpkin patch , I used  ICjackolantern , Some plants ,  and some fencing from a rtnp map. Add in a dead tree from sisitrals mappak.

= awsome pumpkin patch.  …Well not awesome but pretty good for 45 min and 2 editor crashes. I send him a screen shot and he aproves.

meantime he is tring to find me music for the map and after ‘ghostsandstuff’ not being spooky , Points to ‘sabewolf-killerinstint‘ ,  Kinda tottaly obscure but pretty awsome  spooky music for the map. no trackers or midi anymore i guess heh

I move to part 2  , The graveyard , Ok so it wont be a graveyard it will probaply be randomly placed tombstones everywhere. so i need tombstones to use , since most prefabs sites have disappeared,  and my last attempt at a tombstone resulted in a ugly half moon thing. I decide to scavenge.

3 maps come to mind , graveyard2005 , hallowen , and hallow33n, so i open up graveyard2005 , and see a decent tombstone , I go to copy the  stones brush to paste into my map  but instead, Find out all the geometry has been fuking deleted from the map to ‘ protect’ it. Same for halloween , and about 6 other of jays maps  i looked at .

What are you protecting by doing that other them expansion and  usablity. anybody can edit the auther field , but now nobody can adapt the map to suit.

I  keep hunting   I look tho my meager  unreal1 monsterhunt map collection, and find nightmare house and death something  with a number of tombstone designs to pick from , no bs map protection here thankfully , ( other wise these would have never been ported to u1 in the first place)  So now  a hour half later i have 4 tombstone and no time to actually use them.

nothing special here. why must people  make it so hard

Bonus : I will mabye turn these  tombstone brushes into meshes and rewrite my tombtone mutator  for this halloween .I keep wanting to post it but it currently got this retarted dependance on a 8 mb texture package. what was i thinking??


more updates soon.

ok yeah it not like me to add onto with new that nobody will ever look again at but whatever I dont wanna bump a topic with a new topic yet just to add some progress .


The scary forest

located in between the  entrance and the single cabin  mid map.  My crap job of making 9 trees not look like there just 9 tree with diffent sizes and in fact a forest. no lighting in this shot. needs more  ALOT more work



The main graveyard

The beginging of the sunspire graveyard , a massive graveyard which will contain tombs , graves , pop up mummies of some kind , and a cave  or tomb system leading to  the next hallowwen map. this is less like i had imaged sincve the editor decided to dump on me after i  open the texture tab and i had to spend another 25 minute doing it again and then copy + paste rotate and mak e it look non repeating. no lighting either.


I decided to use panels for the path as opossed to sheets since i was gonna need to use alot of non mesh stones and and it gets hard to place sheets on terrain and stuff. also i want to avooid rebuiling the map as much , altho intil the tombstones become meshes thats not really pratical.

I also wanted to make as much of this map in meshes / objects  , In case I one day decide to make it into a strange -mutate the map into scarry spirevillage by spawning crap mutator- wher all the differce of the map could be spawned into the normal spirevilage. or possible a pumkin path  spawner mutaoir ( How do i think of these things?)thats not pratical at all.



the spooky lake bit.

he wants a spooky lake , it need to go here on a hill where irl  this is not possible and water will flow down. so its a giant cut out in the hill  filled with water.

He wanted it like the one in friday the 13th. Now I have never watched the movie , But I have done somthing that helps  better then that , I have aculy been to the real lake it was filmed at in NJ  about 10 years ago!. AKA sand pond

Unfortinitly my unreal lake reproduction skill are totaly lacking ,   so i just cut a gaint box into the hill and rounded the corners with a pre existing brush. I added the cabin since there is infact  many cabins at the real site and 3 right near the water , But iirc only a few were used  in the movie, like the generator cabin. Anyway its a hidden link to the past thing for me, not about the movie. the lake look crappy atm but it is progress.

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