recap of week ! whatever!

11 Sep

the little things that slipped tho

sqlbased inv system for jgrass by casey! lets hope it dont suffer same bugs as every other inv strorage systems. (info)

also serves as the documentation and example for usql ,  sql server required xp sp3 or greater so ill be skipping testing it out for the time being.


almost everything you need to know about upak alternatives hjgjghjghjghjghj


map : Waking Nightmare :


unreal base defence teaser :

i should know better then posting teasers , as 90% of time ( myst , steampunk unrea , firestorm ) the project dies post producion.


VERY Helpful info for people using 220 scripts/ maps and attempting to use them in 220++ great tip


mentalhunters MOD is back!,  thanks to me!:

new link


my 227h sever is back up , but who knows how long that will last.

any thing else i decided was to boring to write here for you top tl;dr lol

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