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08 Sep

I was just thinking , While I was sitting here playing , That there are many upak alternatives , Depending on what you need to use , and the one I recently used for the ronpak I just converted  uising ryspak.u may not have been the best choice.

The point of a upak alterative is to make you map compatible with 224+ and not dependent on just Unrealgold , Not a huge deal you would think , As everyone uses 226  or gold right? Wrong, There are 3 different versions of 226  :  226b , 226f , antholgy.

226B cant join 227F+ and 226 cant even join certain 226 severs , It confusing to everyone.  Safest to use 226 retail , Unpathced to play  (IIRC , i may be wrong)

Half of the severs in the list use 225 , A  Earlier version that every version ever made is backward compatible with,  To host there servers  , This allows any version made newer then 223 to join. but cant support  226 or 227 maps with certian actor , notibly upak or skeletalmeshes.

227h is ok to play aswell  , But you cant join it with 226b  and another i cant recall,   Not to mention that if you have 224/5 patched to 227f  or h you dont have upak at all and cant join them anyway. (I have both 226 and unreal 227hgold I use for playing online)

So if you want all players in all version to be able to play your maps you need to create or import them to 225,  and 225 does not support upak and it native crap stuff,  and it cant. So you must use a replacement to play then in 225 .

if you used upak!  If not you can skip this entire article , and use mapconverter!

This is meant for people who want to use upak stuffs but want there maps to run on 225 severs.

I will  break down some alternatives to upak for your maps, Each packages has is own upsides  and downsides  and there avalibilty commonness ,  features and size.

Single part replacments:

-For partial convertions-

Theres already a seprate spinner and predator that asgard exported at somepoint, So if your map only used those pawn from upak , then those mods may be a good choice.

If you want to use upak weapons in your maps , you have a few choices ,upakguns , or upackweps 1- 3 mb   both are basicly  identical.

Then theres the spacemarines, Theres  is also a spacemaries mod , also by asgard I believe ( a port no doubt) That you can use   for adding spacemaries into your maps , but that is 8 mb or so.

cloak – i cant remeber but this is basicly invisibility + lowgrav , esaliy ported , has been donew , cant find it.

If you have more then that , Say you used  upak soundtrigers of somthing involved like upak  cutscenes  somthing like that, You may need a more complete replacment for it to work correctly.

Whole upak replacments


ryspak , created be leoT.C.K mostly , was created for the RYS map pack  , and contains bothe the spinner , predator , carrifle, grenddelauncher , rocketlauncher , and the spacmearines. and cloak

– Issues : His spacemaries are bassed off of bots , not scriptedpawn so  they wont count as kills in coop games (wtf  leo?!)

– It requires a crap load of extra file that  forgot about. entire mod is like 14 mb.


This replacment created by team ths , aka tentaclehunt and sirfishalot, is the most recent rtnp replacemt avalible  made for the THS rtnp conversion.

This pack not only contains predetor, spinner , carrifle , grenade launcher rocketlauncher, and spacemaries , but it contain bonus rtnp triggers. The spacmeriaes are correctly written as  scripted pawn and not bots.


Things  to think about when choosing a replacment:

Ryspak has spacemarine issues in online play , There bots not pawns , no scoring when you kill them. It also has a few other possibly useful actors inside it  that you can utillize. like cloak

Asgard spinner also offers the maiden and the nester , 2 bonus pawns you could use included in that pack.

aagard predator are more aggressive then the upak ones.

availability  VS.  File size VS. Common files


is in use a few  severs  ,Notibly  the deadzone  ( on weekends) and i use the ths conversion exclusively now for rtnp , But its no longer distrubuted in the jackals super cache after they removed the mappak and now use the ronald conversion , witch uses  renamed ryspak.u anyway  lol , So player are less likly to have that file already  if they havent joined the deadzone sever on a weekend. or certin other severs, this 10 mb downlaod could push somboy ofer the edge of quiting mid download.

ryspak.u (7mb + support)

Is in use by also a few severs any player who played rys will have it or if they played ronalds rtnp pack with 227 , as it is basicly a net compatile copy or ryspak. But very few sever acully run rys, and therfore it not to common outside of jackals of my severs.  In many cases ryspak is hard to find online and is not included in the archives that include the mapspack  so many dont understand how to use , Plus the rysmaps them selves are for 226 anyway so thy need to be run tho mapconverter to work in 225 anyway. (levelsummary bit removal) ( samller audiance)

Edit to please leo and provide more acurate information , yes i do care and yes im open to sugestions instead of insults!

rys is avalible on on pacis non english website that on some bizzare host that isnt easy found using google.  I original downloaded pacis map in 2009 and had issues running them , i seem to recall having to remove the level summary or somthing to get them to work ; it was back when i first started to understand servers so  prehaps i was mistakin: Lleo informs me that this is no longer necccary as of at least 2006 ok thanks le fo rclearing that up!

Bonus : There is a ut version of ryspak that can make it compatib;e with  unrealtournamnet so you can play maps with ryspak in ut you you wanted.

Upakguns/upakgun- is common , many coop maps use it. Even used on deathmatch servers. that all it had tho , just the guns.

spinner and predetor- have so many drop in versions that there can be mismatches between sever , easily.


you can decide.

The most commonly used  files i  suggested are  the individual packages at the top.’ Single part replacments’The bad part about that is having a while lot of indiviual files to keep track of with your maps. and that many of thos files have be done so many times that there are many mismatches online

In the case of ronpak  , I used ryspack due to it containing cloak , and i cant remember what other mod had cloak in it atm. that was kinda stupid of me

Also important :  If you use  stuff in one map and not the next map online,  without it in severpakages , The weapons will not travel between map corretly , great example,  the smg in stargate , You should carry it for whole pak as primary weapon , but it not placeed in other maps , so it wont travel online. (Not availible in this sandbox error)

also you can use use mapconverter on 225 maps , provied you never used any upak stuff to begin with in your maps.

this post may either be to tecnical , or confusing for most people to understand corectly. sry just me 2 cents.

where this entire thought  came from   , aaimple  post on unrealsp.


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