MOD is back!

07 Sep

After a 4 month break of waiting to see if the auther was going to fix it themselvs , I decided after talking to him first to fix it. Wasnt originaly too keen on messing with sombodies work that wasnt mine. ( some people have  a huge issue with that)

‘mod’ is a massive 1000 weapon mod for unreal 227g created by mental hunter.

mod had multiple issues stopping it from running in 227h ,

Including pallete issues . A few classes that were removed from 227f in the 227g release , Notible playershadow and translocatortarget

I am not a editor style person I use ucc and text and i dont usally mess with stuff like palettes. So my first attempt to fix the problem involved expoting the scripts and attemping to recompile.  export all in 227f is screwed over so i use ucc manually  ”ucc batchexport mod.u class ucc ../mod/classes”  but of course do to the nature of the way mod was written – in the editor only , alot of the classes are cross referenced between .u files so recompilation was impossible ,

example  of what im talking about:

mod.gun-extends gun>
    modaddon.modgun extends mod.gun 
         mod.gun3 extends modaddon.modgun

This made it impossible since one required each other to build.

not to mention there was 50 texture and sound packages that would need to have imports added to build. so that was out.


I gave up for a few months till yesterday.

issue 1 

We talked and i realized palletes  could be  changed and  that only 5 Textures were affected ( the entire texture file was firetextures) . so i swapped the palettes out and got past that easily .

next issue : playshadow missing in 227h:

When i was looking  at the scripts i realized that kamirobobag and kami fly used the ‘playershadow’ classses  to spawn a shadow , Tho they seems like they werent critical to the mod functioning   , so i commented them out removed them completly.

Issue 3:

Cant find class telelocatortarget in class unrealshare.

Oh no. honestly as first i though this was a showstopper . in 227f there no way to delete classes and moremods.teletarget2 was subclassing it.

Then i realized 227h had remove class , but 227h cant load the file…

So i did somthing horrible hacky ,and added the class translocatortarget  back into unrealshare as a dummy  and saved the unraelshare file!

Then opened mod ( it opened now!!!!) and removed both the root class and the subclass of teletarget and recompiled and saved.

Holy canary apple orange! mod started up in 227h!

>heres the modified files  needed<

the last unoffical release of mod was on april 5

> you can get the mod   here<  ( External link , sry it to damn big for here)

>Also you wil need the ‘fixed’ gizmo aswell<

mental seemed estatic LOL

[08:32] Mëñtål-HüñtêR: WOW
[08:32] Mëñtål-HüñtêR: NO FKING WAY
[10:02] Mëñtål-HüñtêR: what you did was amazing
[10:02] Mëñtål-HüñtêR: cant describe it there no words for it
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