Postal 2-style drop items when killed mutator(for xcoop)

05 Sep

I made this about a year ago one day after i was rampaging in postal2 and got burned and died. and i tho i could do that and it kinda cool.

in realitiy it super annoying the way i play. dropping and deleteing all th e players collected weapons is not my thing . MentalHunter liked this mutator for his postal server but i never had to time to fully post it anywhere and tweek it.

it nothing special , everyt time a playerpawn dies , there inventory is dropped in a  big pile under there carcass , … but unreal already does this? not like this.. it spawns ALL there inventory including pickups and somtimes the copies as well.

it currently written for xcoop. if you need it in another gamtype , adapt it as you see fit.

the current incarnation deletes every thing the player is holding on death!!

The code is broken into 2 chuncks one for pickup another for guns , the pickup section is limited to 25 items due to some bug in 225 where it loops to death somehow.

fell free to recopile into other games like ut properly.

some day i will update it propery but i really dont care right now , i dont use it since i dont like delete weapons on death.

>Download link<

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One response to “Postal 2-style drop items when killed mutator(for xcoop)

  1. Fusilade

    January 24, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    Can you re-up this please?


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