Redeem Your Space English mutator

04 Sep

Tired of leoTCK talking about translating the redeem your space pack and no progress in a year ? Dont like that his plans of using int files that you would need to install or clients would need to install? just want a crude idea of the translations so what your playing make sence ? Then I have the ansewer . If you ever played on any of me servers you would notice the caption are is almost engrish! In 2009 I started machine translating the rys pack maps by a simple mutator to replace message texts . In 2011 I progressed up to about level 28 of so so thats a pretty decent amount of work done it enough so that the story is mostly understansdable and the maps are slightly easily when you can read wats going on. This mod / mutator is kinda depricated by my new monstermapfix mutator I have been running on the server refered to as ‘copyitmapfixes’ which covers this and even more map bs issues. This will swap out trigger messages , specialevents , translator messages and hints. ucc source is included if you want to improve , or see how fking horrible of a mess I made out of a simple fix mutator. if contains remains of other changes and unused variable since i ripped it out of a combined mapfix mutator i was working on , deal with it. messages are only translated up to map 26. It also may change certin aspects of the maps, like opening some doors for coop. or disabling earthquakes that can block playerstarts. My new version that im working on has cutscence style triggers like in sam. The mutator name is ‘rys.rysfix’ add it to you hook hutator or watever. It a severside mutator. “open 02village?mutator=rys.rysfix” i did not include a int file for the mutator but i should have comment if you give a fk or this helps you , It took me bloody hours to copy paste all these messages.



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3 responses to “Redeem Your Space English mutator

  1. Dr.Flay™

    February 8, 2014 at 4:07 am

    I posted this at as the pack has resurfaced there.
    Could you possibly make a UT build ?
    It just got pointed-out it did not work, so I’m going to have to let them down gently (or suggest they install Unreal).

    • bobisunreal

      February 8, 2014 at 5:27 am

      Any specifics as to why it wouldnt work?should technicly work as iirc its a generic mutator that only modifies text…hmmm is it issues related to oldskool?


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