legoguy model for unreal 1

04 Sep

ok i dont know if this existed already but even if it did my implemtation of it is surely differnt. I want somthing wtf. So i hunted down thew UT playerclass model and exported the model in umodel. and hacked together some code to make it work.

The way i set this up knowing that it would need to work with all gamtypes – even if they didnt support custom player models. Was to use  some creative pickup code so that you could just toggle between models using a inventory pickup most if not all the animations are the same so it was just a matter of swapping the meshs.

How to use this:

Option 1

you can use as a normal playerclass (i did not include a int sry)

open nyleve?

Option 2

In game summon a lego.makelego to become and stay a lego guy skin . This can be added to giveitem to have all players be lego guys.

Option 3

best option  for non supporting gametype like jcoopz edm whatever

summon  or give “lego.legopickup” , A pickup witch you can toggle to swith between lego and defualt model in game.


I planned on making a mutator that will give all players in the game a random lego skin and the lego model. i have the skin textures sitting on desktop but im to lazy to work that out now.

also plan to add the required animation imports so that skarja dont throw script errorsdurring ‘jog’,

The death animation in the toggled  and pickup version is retarted and looks like it was run over by a steamrollor but i kinda like that. the playerpawn version has the deathanimation overided.

I included any of the almost non-existing sourcecode so that you can easily recompile for other gametypes.

i did not make this model. i just made it ‘work’ with unrealgold.The original legoguy  model was from a ut umod that i unpacked using umod  tool , so i dont remember who made the model , But it was not me.

This is kinda a unfinished work in progress , I have hopes to attempt a lego brick throwing weapon or prehaps  a lego version of the builder gun , If i can find or convert the Lcad lego models or somthing.

Download Link

edit :  to who ever was looking for this on febuary 2 , I have repaired the link !

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