upload your files / skins / whatever

28 Aug

ok im gonna go out on a limb here with a quick  idea

if you have skins maps , mods or whatever , you can upload them to me and i will consider adding them to the server.

im worried s as to how bad this will get abused, but i always wanted a system that would let user upload thetre own mods/ skin directly to the server.

as is this will only upload it to my dropbox, but i was just thinking with 227h and stuff now,  a simple script could be impelmented on my end that would rake the dropbox folder and do some simple unpacking/ filename sorting and auto add files to the sever packages. of course this couls be done with ftp of somthing but it need to be EZ for noobs.

for now it only good if you want to send me stuff like skins or whatever for me to consider running on the sever or using. ( or archiving)

if you wawnt to send me your  stuff  you could click the link below the password is the full longest summon for the  babycow in unreal.(unrealshare.??)

or course you can always just leave links in the comments or contact me anyway.  but i just thought this may be a cool thing.

dont abuse this , by uploading , you will not receive a download link to your files.

another thought : i could also sync the dropbox folder to sync with the website // files/ folder .

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