Update (Not unreal related!)

28 Aug

First off i will mention that the hurricane has past , and  I am still standing ,  There was a small river  in the basement with most of the floor/carpet having to be ripped out of the basment . The server (Located in basement) looks like it got dripped on from the ceiling , but it’s ok! power never even went out.

For clarification :

I wouldnt say ‘flooded’ but we had water flowing on the basment floor ,

its a dry basment , so any water is a very bad thing.

other then that there is no damage to report. wasnt expecting much really.


As for my leg/foot , It not broken just badly sprained.  I am already able to limp upstair to my pc to play abit. should be able to get back to work by friday.

as for that guys roof.. i dont know how it faired yet.

that said…now back to some unreal stuff!!

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