the problem with everysingle unreal gamtype out there…

28 Aug

every gametype  has it selling features.

  • proper mapvoting, more option then you can shake a stick at(uteamfix)
  •  giveitem that support assiging charges/ammo (jcoopz) ,
  •  pretty nice replacment consoles(edm),
  • custom playerclass support (very few)
  • reasonably security in place (many)
  • mutatorplus type fuctionality hooks / apis / whatever
But my biggest complaint  that turns up again and again is that 90% of the almost-awesome gametypes , are lacking somthing almost critical to me choosing it. It could be something as simple as  keep weapons after death that i could easily add in  , prehaps how the scores are displayes / saved,
or somthing more complex like the way it controls admin login or the lack of basic secrirty measures like temperary bans.
 all of them are code protected  so i end up finding a open alterative with less features so i can slice my own in , not even close to a drop in replacent. and have to do double work.  new gametypes need to offer all the funtionality and stabityly out the box.
The reason no gamtype has all these features built in after all these years ? can you guess?
I am not here to look for exploits in your shitty gamtypes and  moddify them and calling them my own. I am talking about adding functionality to a established platform and making it better for the end user (me)
you know i cant even belive what half these players are missing , no custom models or playerclasses in jcoop…. and yet they still use it. ( im guilty of this to) no wonder its such a shock when they see differnt models.
/ end rant
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