28 Aug

I see that casey has made a mod / class to access  or preform mysql database operations thro unreal script. there no examples or docs yet ,


edit : new link , still no doc yet.

Even tho i know absolutely nothing about databases or MySQL, I am excited somhow at the possibility of  a feature like this to save stat data or something, or even better  have data like  scores / data  saved online or something  and available between servers ,  I likely have no intention of actually using it as  theres already ways to save data  built into unreal already. .

My thought is that it may have been desinged  for use  in the future for  the anticheat exceptions distrubution   like  somone on the forums mentionm before .

of course this is just  like a wrapper thing for a existing sql library. so Yeah whatever.

on another releated note ,

Somebody go port the various winamp / controler  / mp3 player plugins for ut to 227h.

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