BBGBarrelsCoop (Doom map recreation)

18 Aug

another new doom map recreation  by BBG released about 2 days ago.


A recreation of another doom map , map 23 from doom2!

My thoughts:

it ok. i guess.I found it on the dog forums  no where else.  it not all that exciting to me this time. i cant tell how good of a recreation it is due to the fact that cant recall what the original map looked like. , honestly i dont recall any map that looked like this and I replayed jdoom (multiplayplayer coop doom) lees then a year ago.

–um yeah  now that i removed all the talk about checkpoints , thers not much to say–

its a good map go enjoy it!


i did not test this map with doommutator / doompawns yet so i cant say if it  it setup correctly for that.

oh yeah NEDM : theres no doom music!


I didnt have a chance to test on differnt versions yet but i will when i have time and update the post. there was no bugs noted in a jcoop server atm. xcoop  was ok too (on 225)

checkmt_tx are the same between crusher and this thankfully so they can both coexist


the screenshots below  are kinda weird since sombody killed everything  b4 i got in to take the screenshots. lol


slow as molasses link

Newbies mirror

dropbox link


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4 responses to “BBGBarrelsCoop (Doom map recreation)

  1. BBG-(DOG)-

    March 13, 2012 at 1:08 pm

    Really didn’t know these maps I made for newbiescoop have been reviewed, cool 🙂
    Its map23 from doom2. I implemeted that checkpoint business for quick return to deadly spots
    you have for obvious reasons not encountered offline. Those spots are handled by Tomkatrebel’s
    monsterspawner. We can calibrate monsterload by a php script we access online that gererates an ini admin feeds to ther server. In one of rons maps we have implemented 25 checkpoints because the map is as wide as the editor max extents. BBGCrusher also has a flyby with interpolation points. Not mapping any longer, playing LOTRO

    • bobisunreal

      March 13, 2012 at 6:14 pm

      Hi BBG ,
      Thank you for taking the time to post a reply here.

      It wasnt so much of a review so to speak, more of a summary to get someone interested and a bit of a first look thing -You could consider it a review, But it lacking detail, I am sorry if I spoke bad about the map ill take that stuff out as it doesn’t bother be at this point any more,
      After I played your awesome bbgcrusher map I think in my head was I expecting something better(Crusher was top notch imo)

      The maps most people make for unreal/gold these days like yours just disappear and nobody hears about them at all , You only posted the map on a closed forum and of on ftp that nobody may ever look at, You should consider posting them to ,beyondunreal , or even a monsterhunt site like DU (Or others) My site here dosnt reach that many people generally (sadly, Mabye for the better as its slightly biased)

      As for the offline comment , I played this maps and all others I talk about here on this site online on a live server. one with extreme monsterspawn and one without. That just the way i like to do it. I feel that its better test of the map (It also easier for me to do and the server running in the background always).
      of course this isn’t the most ideal test (more ideal for coop sutibility)

      As for the checkpoint system ,
      Im fully aware of why you did it, But I have my own checkpoint system on my game/servers , Similer to serious sam 2 that respawns you where you die , So It becomes confusing to players a bit and just a distraction ( I a m not a fan of special event messages either), Its no biggy it personal taste i guess; If I cared enought I could just delete all the messages with a mutator( but i havent bothered yet). I know you did it for the good tho. (The monsterspawner at newbies may have been one of the turning points to why i dont play there much any more, I liked it when it was a easy fun explore with freinds not a Challenge)

      I am aware of tkrspawner, and that php script gui there sounds awsome , I guess thats needed for went you have so many admins , And you need easy access. Pretty handy, I always considered having some sort or web editable config like a custom webadmin, But there no point when im the only admin and I have Direct acceess to server settings right infront of me. plus teamviewer for when im away.

      That 25 checkpopint map (newron5? or somthing I posted it in the past) Was pretty long and nice map ,
      I just wish it had trees and grass , And more importantly , pathnoding as mosnterspawner dosnt work as good as it could if it did , Then and it would be a new favorite. Thank you for helping ron fix it so it was enjoyable.

      ( I hope you acully read this , I spent 35 minutes writing it)

  2. BBG-(DOG)-

    March 13, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Just read it, tnks for posting, 35 min not gone wasted. It’s all ok 🙂 Well, those maps were built as an internal clan member request for some smaller and low poly count coop maps for the newbies225 coop server, requested by Sparky, edited with 225editor ( what a stress) for total compatibility. Do any changes you like, my maps are free to edit, just shut down the checkpoint triggers and tailor them for your own use. I’m not inspired at the moment for new coop mapping, I only play DM, I agree, I dont like coop challenges; I’m looking forward to play FIrestorm when it comes out, hope to read a review from you soon.


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