225 ron maps !

12 Aug

I decided to convert the 49 226 only maps to 225 using  import / export  , utilizing rsypack for upak stuff , and a false packhunter class.

I a m not modifying the maps in any way. The maps were renamed ron225_## and the url modified to match so there will be no mismatches with anything he makes / changes .Some textures still need to be  realligned after import.

Why would i go tho all this trouble ?

I have noticed that running a 227 server with upak maps is like the bloody worst thing you could ever do IMO.  227 dosnt show what version the client has on connect unlike 225 does so i have no clue what joiners are using . I can say the maps were avrage 900kb each and compatibility was enabled , and only 3 ever acully joined and played breifly , no mutators were running so it not like it was setup badly.

My 225 sever is more popular ( when it dont crash  or hang) and any version can join it .

I have added the maps to the 225 server and mapvoting.( ah monsters , since crazy coop is dead atm)

I may at some point do a brief review of the maps since I like some of them and there deisngs.

only thing is i forgot to preload the sounds first  b4 import so i will need to do it over again. Fuuuuuu!


edit here just take these for now  slightly buggy unfinished:

patch : fixed url in ron225_42 (My own fault)

you will need ryspak.u to play these version. witch i forgot to include.\

you can use these , but when i have time to do it again , they will all mismatch.


Download link for  ryspak unreal 1 / gold   (original site)

Ryspak  (zip)   

I must note that these were a quick import by me one night  , I need to do them over again since i forgot to preload sound imports , Certen things wont play sounds , like doors and events  and a few textures are totaly messed up.

the main reason i did this was to break dependancy of upak witch would make it 225 compatible. in hind sight i mabye should have used rtnpmakpak instead

also,  theres one map break at about map 46 or somthing i belive. I missed changing. it took me about a hour to import them so a second attempt wil have to wait for now.

also check his site theres a few new maps out.


Edit again :  Here is a link that ron provided to trhe maps :

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