BBGCrusherCoop by BBG (Doom map Recreatation)

11 Aug


This map is somewhat old , Made if  I recall Released in febuary of this year.

It is a recreation of the map TheCrusher from Doom, I say recreation , But it pretty much  identical except for coop changes , Everything is there , Even down to the secrets and keys.

This map probably is not know about much since the only real place that hinted at its creation was the dogfourums. After it was finished not much was said and it just appeared on there downloads and server one day. With litte or no fanfare or announcement.

A few days later it made its way to v2 , At about 14mb ,  Seemingly Hi Resolution doom textures were included.

My Thoughts:

There not much to say , Its basicly a copy of a doom map with a extra room for a boss fight , If it was in fact recreated , and not just imported somehow , Then its pretty frigging amazing and bbg the mapper did a amazing job , The name of the texture package suggests that the textures were made by another member , checkmate but i cant say that for sure.

The SP version has more bsp poly count and a bigger file size and included modifed custom pawns , and may require dots doompawns, ( probably best played with doom weaps)

The MP version has a teleporter in the ending to allow for Re-travel to the boss fight , any time teleporters are used in this fashion general suggest the the diffucult is improperly designed . the boss warlord had a ridiculous amount of health ,   That would be difficult if not impossible to kill

( 20 or 40 thousand health), It seemed like the battle dragged on to long ,  If the warlord fell into the pit early , the end would open  without having to kill it.

Mabye it should have the boss health change based on the number of players present.( wow that a simply scriptable idea!)

Coop effort was put into the design , and teleporters / shortcuts / extra items are avalible in the coop version.

Bugs found( by me): 

In 225 and 227f and possibly 226 , When running  xcoop on the server  , This map crashes clients in 2 seperate spots one is at the start  , another near the blue key. This dosnt happen in 227g or h. (or any version running jcoopz as the server)

– I attemped to look into this ,  The start crash is possibly due to a mover or spirites as a teleport texture, Couldnt find the cause in the crusher room so i gave up trying.  You can bet that the auther didnt test it in gamtypes other then jcoop. (rolls eyes)

Also in monsterspawn games  or mods , There are 2 placees in the map that can get easily obstructed: The 2 holllow lifts in the latter points of map , making it unpasable if monster happen to spawn under them.

– A fix could be added to deal with this issue such as adding blockmonsters or the movers could be set to kill enroachers.

The map has the map title modified to advetise the server/clan  it came from , Witch im not sure I appreciate or like.



Above , the start of the map.

above : The blue key room. aka crusher room.

the stairway to the red keys.

the crossing .

The teleporter pond.

The ending boss chamber. – bad shot Sry should have been centered

Unreal screwed up when i took these screenshots , Putting the start bar in the shot, so whatever! fail on 227′s part i would have just used fraps but it wasnt installed.

Ii will eventully upload hi res pictures  as I  didnt realize how badly it compressed them when i uploaded.

Bbg-(dog)-  (beachbumguy) made this map.

Download links

 Coop Version Download Link

Single Player Download Link


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