Aquaducts map by REPB

10 Aug

One day i few months ago I noticed a strange mapname floating around on a server i dont frequent j a cks o ns, Called aquaducts , I though it may be the  mean streeets pack at first  due to the name but soon realized it was a custom map and decided to grab  it and play offline at my convenience .

It was a fully playable  map with a ending ,  Featuring  best i could describe as a sewer / water tunnels .

One of the players that played it with me mentioned is reminded him of myst ,

It is fairly linear map , Some of the barred rooms are repeated but slightly different enough to be confusing it features water , lifts , cracks in the floor , pushable walls , buttons ,  custom music , alot of cobwebs, and stuff .

It compatible with the 225 .

I know the author will probably get annoyed  as  its t basicly ripped with no permisions, But screw it unreal is mostly dead. If he does see this here, he can thank me for my complements and publicity .Enjoy!

This map was created by REPB according to the in map author.




it a pretty cool map took me maybe 45 minutes to figure out , hardest part was finding the wall to knock down , and the currents in the water confusing me  a bit a s to where i needed to go.


Download link

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