havent posted in a bit …

07 Aug

yeah well i havent posted anything in a bit here,

I been kinda busy and sidetracked There nothing uber exciting to post about.

I havnt been keeping a eye of all the sites lately so im not entirely sure if ther anything good in progress atm.

i know i know the 225 crazy server is still not up yet , sry folks but i dont have the effort in me atm.

i have been playing on my ah server latly and stuff .

My upak server is still running for a week now with me just not having the interest to figure the maps out. the plan was to play them though learn how they work and function , and import them to 225. so far they look cool


I also fixed some random bugs!

-Auto open log narration door in coop
-Faster dispatcher timeing in coop for spacemarie spawning
-Spawn extra detenator near rocks
-Colliosion fix for the super health in the porthole for skarr players.
– Removed the killtriggers that seem to have no reason to exist)wip)
they are there since it out-of -playable area , will just add a teleport.

Triggeronly once of Forcefield lever (wip)
c##1 and c##2
Falls off ledges now kill player if they fall

i found a latge collection of skins for the leegoguy model , So there may be some effort into a random leegoguy skin mutator for unreal.

if anyone think im so awsome ( I am not!!) and wants to know wha tim doing inbetwwen posts , there is a micro blog feed on the right on this page. I will keep it mostly unreal/game related it will mostly show games/ bugfixes/rants.

– one last thing If you visit this page with IE4 or 6 , it dosent render it at all corectlly use a modern brower!

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