server status’s

27 Jul

server status’s

ah monsters:

  • Fixed C**2.unr pit  from traping respawninplace players.,
  • Will redirect map C**4 to the old version or I will fix the new one.
  • Added doubleshotgun to sever . (dshot.doubleshotgun)
  • Added UT teddy player model to server (summon teddy.maketeddy to transform in non supporting gametypes ie jcoop)
  • Seems like the sammini is bugging out 226 users so I will remove it.
  • added more powerful carrifle to server.
  • added ‘kamizinalis’
  • May consider changing the gametype to somthing better but stable. im really getting sick of all the false  Tbans that gamtype issues. and i want more out of my experence……



the 225 bcc server hasnt been up :

The  install never got copied to the new drive yet… 8 gb worth of files yeah , mabye i need to rethink that plan. and mabye re-lay it all out.

ahmonsters may turn into the new crazycoop if things continue on the path there taking (custom player models , and multiple mods , with no regard for download size)

227h multi:

yeah well this would require me to deal with the 5 gb worth of unorganized crap i stuffed in it  to use with botpack , and then reinstall the new files.


noname server (nothing here):

this is gold patch to 227h ,  running with compatibility.  and better organized , it will replace mulitgame, but only after i  use it to test some old setups for stability. it currently running part of a setup from the 2 year old crazy coop server.




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  1. imtolazytoregister

    July 30, 2011 at 1:19 am

    test post to test custom avater


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