unreal dreams

26 Jul

Anybody here dream in unreal ?

I dream alot about unreal , Here are a few dreams related to unreal that i have had.

  • Most recently it was a very involved dream about my old u4e dm days where i somhow was at a party at the admin’s home and talked him into starting his old server and giving me the old gf2 map.
  • I had kinda of weird dream 2 days ago that i was on a trip to another country  with old freinds from school and somhow was after unreal maps that  somone there had or were making.(mabye a reference to the herd set)
  • Had a bizzare dream that somone redirected all the download links  on here to fake pages
  • Dream i was climbing a mountain/ hill , and there was a stone  button in the rocks that made steps come out of the hill.
  • Dreamed i gave someone a nailgun in exchange for a copy of  “unreal express ” limited addition cd
  • Dreamed about shooting quake and doom pawns in a old building with a quakenailgun.
  • Playing ctf ut FACE/ with a lava pool and a anarcky assualt rifle
  • Dreamed  a room in my home was filled with sliths and that I had no ammo . and had to climb into the ceiling timbers to escape.
  • I have had numerous dream where i find a pc  somplace , (factory , construction site,  terminals etc) and all i care about is if it can run unreal.


I kinda doubt anybody here dreams in unreal since they dont play unreal as much…If you do and want to share that would be cool.

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