You cannot edit standard maps. They are download protected. (or can you ?)

23 Jul

“You cannot edit standard maps. They are download protected!”

i have seem 3 people mention this .
In unreal / UT, The oringinal maps are download protected for some reason. and if you modify them for watever reson , you cant redownload them on a server,
except if you use udl and remove the dowload prevent byte/bit/ flag value.
this should also work in unreal tournament as the maps are the same format and engine.
Rumor is that you can also use a hex editor to do the same thing…
I downloaded all the standard maps into cache one time to get the guids so it proves i am right.(That is possible , not that you should)

Ii dont even have the maps installed in my 227 install at all.

  • 6138770211D1EC344544279700005453=vortex2.unr
  • 615FE62511D1EB79A000628C7F7269C9=nyleve.unr
  • 538CFB8411D1EBA34544279700005453=dig.unr
  • 1F115EA611D1EB534544279700005453=dug.unr
  • C622228511D1EA89A000628C7F7269C9=passage.unr
  • CDB112A211D1EB504544A4BF00005453=Chizra.unr
  • CDB112A411D1EB504544A4BF00005453=ceremony.unr
  • 2575A84411D1EC584544E58A00005453=dark.unr
  • 441D232211D1EC64A000628C7F7269C9=Harobed.unr
  • AD309DE211D1EC484F007B8338EE014C=TerraLift.unr
  • 913101C511D1EC4D4F007B8338EE014C=terraniux.unr
  • 3BF1F20411D1EBA8A000628C7F7269C9=Noork.unr
  • FBDFB76311D1EBAC454429B000005453=RUINS.unr
  • F988BAA311D1EA91A000628C7F7269C9=Trench.unr
  • CAA6826311D1EBAB4544A4BF00005453=isvkran4.unr
  • CAA6826411D1EBAB4544A4BF00005453=ISVKRAN32.unr
  • C63C63C311D1EBA64544A4BF00005453=ISVDECK1.unr
  • C622228B11D1EA89A000628C7F7269C9=spirevillage.unr
  • 34B2265211D1EC34A000628C7F7269C9=Thesunspire.unr
  • 2575A84611D1EC584544E58A00005453=SkyTown.unr
  • 2575A84511D1EC584544E58A00005453=Skycaves.unr
  • C805BFC211D1EC6F4544E58A00005453=SkyBase.unr
  • 2575A84811D1EC584544E58A00005453=veloraend.unr
  • 5A04084211D1EC444544A4BF00005453=Bluff.unr
  • 2E9D79E211D1EB484544A4BF00005453=dasapass.unr
  • 2E9D79E311D1EB484544A4BF00005453=dasacellars.unr
  • FDB7F32411D1ED07454429B000005453=naliboat.unr
  • A4562E2511D1EAD5454429B000005453=NALIC.unr
  • 45B12E6A11D1EAA8454429B000005453=NaliLord.unr
  • 6E18BB0411D1EA9BA000628C7F7269C9=DCrater.unr
  • 1675597011D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremebeg.unr
  • 9986E10B11D1EAC74F007B8338EE014C=extremelab.unr
  • E96C86D111D1EB804F007B8338EE014C=extremecore.unr
  • 9986E10411D1EAC74F007B8338EE014C=extremegen.unr
  • 167559A111D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremedgen.unr
  • E96C86D411D1EB804F007B8338EE014C=extremedark.unr
  • 1675597E11D1EA8E4F007B8338EE014C=extremeend.unr
  • 1E90ACD111D1ED664544279700005453=QueenEnd.unr

I commented on this on oldunreal related to modified unreal  tourny maps and pretty much got ignored.

This ‘could’ mismatch , But I never had a problem with it. It would obviously not matter if you renamed the map or modified it anyway.


In the opposite direction :

Originally this tool was desinged to prevent users from downloading large files from servers with slow connections , Like say you had a 50mb media package and wanted the user to download it from a website or ftp etc.

it also usefull for protecting server-side files  like SSF from nuwbs putting them in the sever packages and causing havoc or security issues  , Some people use this tool on there files (Notably zombie , In jzssf) Along with a block of script to detect if the file is listed in the server packages and automaticly log the error and exit the sever.





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2 responses to “You cannot edit standard maps. They are download protected. (or can you ?)

  1. Pcube

    July 23, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I think that it’s actually impossible to mismatch after applying this change as the internal GUID will not be recalculated. Good post! 🙂 I don’t think many people know about this. On the flip side, for the security minded, the same bit could be flipped to ensure that your content cannot be downloaded via Unreal… but who would care enough to do that, I don’t know.

  2. admin

    July 24, 2011 at 9:44 pm



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