Going back to my sam ways again? lol

22 Jul


just added quite possible the most annoying mutator , it plays a boing sound every time somone chats a message, more then 2 chars long, so you can hear it over bot chatter. like in sam. i would want a way to detect and ignore message beep or enable /disable at join/ exit , but that may be thinking to hard. the plan here is to make this for chat only , for players , so that in future i can use it it UT-CTFwith the bots yapping so people can acully hear me chat.

also added the kleer skarja and the kamikazie  nali from MOD  by exporting and making them work with 225  , so i can use them on the 225 servers . They need adjustments still.  The kleer projetile still wont show up


It only took like 2 hours of sitting there with the extracted classes to track down the 3 textures 1 mesh and 18 sounds across 10 files and  to combine the  5 subclasses  they lived in  and write up imports , one of the texture refuses to export so it needed to me replaced.


That mod is like spaghetti which is why it almost impossible to port to 227h , it 22 mb of just scripts , and another 195 mb or sound and textures.

if i have patients next with be the hank thing.

but it getting really hot here,   they say it will feel like 110 today


edit : yeah im really into this now but it currently a mix of old and new

im gonna go for it …

samminigub , kleer, kamikaze, ssspikebed , serious speed ,playersounds, willl somhow add  the scorpion thing , and the walker i think  and the mover sounds , and the sniper (possibly)  and or the knife , dependining on dificulty.

the trees will get re added , and hopfully i can think up some scripted events to recreate the triggered sounds in level . but this time it will be backward compatible unlike my 227f server was.


edit 2 :  i have a big post mabye of themed mods coming soon 3 pages..

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