Client protection mod , Possible finish of ron’s mappack

15 Jul

Casey has released AEGIS , a native clientside mod that 227h users can install to protect against rogue abusive  admins using commands thru consolecommand or forcecommand , Rebinding keys , overiding files etc , by requiring a ‘safewor’d in the command to allow it. clever

I personal didn’t try it , Since i don’t usually play on questionable servers.mabye this would make me more likly to.I think it would be more of a nuicence to me tho.  I am kinda surprised that abusive things are still relevant after 10 years, and the major 227 update.    sad indeed that people have to be like this.

the fact that it blocks get , means any mod that gets ojb linkers with return null preventing various packlage checking shemes from fuctioning as well.?

Use at your own risk ; It was said that any server running integrity anti cheat will kick  and possible tempban players that join those servers  unless the serveradmin adds the check sums  of this mod to there whitelists.

Co-op servers wont usally be running anti cheat  unless the serveradmin is paranoid or dosnt know how to setup a server properly.

I dont run any anticheat / package check on any of my servers.What are they gonna do really,  it a coop game , not some competitive sport.

anyway it not at all compatible with < 227h. if you still using 226 do to the suckiness of 227h on you pc ( another topic?), then you SOOL


In other news it looks like ron has decided to stop after 50 maps in  his 226 map pack , you can get it at

on his site

or download it here or alternatively here ( latest links may be on his website)

I may consider converting it to the 225 version(import export / substitute for upak ) , so i can add the maps to my older servers , but time will tell. I started to a few days ago  but fell asleep instead…


Also projects such as chasmville and dawnbreaker by bleeder have continued development. although there use is limited as they have there own gametype that limits there usefullness outside of the custom coop games.

a have added the chameleon and skaara custom players to the 227 server on request of a player. so if you have them or whatever you can play as them so

did some slight changes to ripmut , but didnt get anywhere substantal.

Stuff is going on , just verrry slowly….


2 responses to “Client protection mod , Possible finish of ron’s mappack

  1. Ronaldo M.

    July 28, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Bob this is the link to the maps ron-br, thanks for your help, they’re back:) Thanks friend.

  2. admin (Bob)

    July 28, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    ok great , i updated all the links on both the posts and left the one i put up just in case something happens again. Glad i could help.


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