The Adventures Of searching for years old mods

10 Jul

Today one of my freinds sent me  a file

The ASG‘ by SoH_Ghost3021

and asked me to look up the summon for them to use it in unreal tournemt , I opened it in notepad and  wrote them down. since the auther didnt include them in the semi incoherent readme file.

the files was named marine.u , so there will be some sort of mismatch worry there with all the marie.uax stuff.

  • mariane.asskit
  • marine.AssualtRifle
  • marine.FlameX
  • marine.ASG
  • marine.Revolver
  • marine.Grab
  • marine.LaserGun
  • marine.RailRifle
  • marine.ASSRailGun
  • marine.AssRevolv
  • marine. ghostpup
  • marine.ghostgue

i gave him the summon , but the file wouldnt load since it was missing goodrail.u , which i happen to find in a small unrealtourament mod collection i have.

hehe suker ,  it also missing r5sounds.uax , which was included in a unreal1 mutli cannon mod that is broken. ok then it should load right ?

nope it still needs alien.u as well A weapon mod that was posted under unreal tournament files. yeah  what a day.


it is a unreal 1 mod anyway , so it should acully run under 224+ say the auther. there ya go.



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