Samspawnv3(spawn where killed) for gx progress

10 Jul

i have now got a barly functional version of gxripmut, aka samspawnv3

after overcoming the playerid issue that somehow normal playerids werent incremented  at all in (playerpawn.PlayerReplicationInfo.playerid) always returning zero.I later   Realizing i could use mutatenew to increment them myself on every join.

edit july 24:


***it really not a message board for posting bugs in others peoples  mods , it just that they got in my way of a simple task and caused me to get very discouraged .( i havent touched this again in almost a month)

I wil try to not post bugs here. i hide the other  player id bug  post after i thought better of it.   TY for your interest.

i didn’t see the point it reporting a bug that  could somhow be my fault., ie mabye you were using a differnt pri/infoblock for id strorage.



I managed to get the locations to save and load , but i need to tweak the timedelays more as I am going from a dual pickup based hack that spawns phyical starts to a single mutator that tracks all players and wait times for all players using arrays.Mabye ill mess with it some more tonight it not  really usable as is .




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