A 4th of July related post , Samspawn Redesign Ideas

04 Jul



on another note , While I was sitting here I think  Realized a way to make samspawn a true single class mutator , using byte values to track state waiting . and mutaterespawnplayer to catch respawns. It would require a total rewrite of the entire  mod tho. it would be the ‘proper’ way to do it tho.


also as you probably noticed , the servers arn’t getting my love latley  i havnt acually updated anything , or even played much

the 227 server still has no diffenit purpose , or setup,  it was originaly suppost to be a x-monsterhunt server , but the fact that botpack wont let people download the files made that unfessable. The updated gametypecore I forgot to update, and still havnt got time to sit there and figure out wat has to be done. Only a very  few people can visit since it 227h and my efforts may need to primaraly go elsewhere. i still need to test if mutators will function as expected, if mutaterespawn and other thing acully work , unlike they never seemed to in xcoop and  caused me many dificulties. need to re- add stuff like mulilogin passes , and autologin need to be recompiled for thre new gamtype.( stuff i almost dont wanna bother with for a server that only 227 people can join as is.i havnt even decide wat mod i want to run there yet)

The primary 225 server is still running like garbage after the server move. and i still need to track down why  thats happening( it not effecting the other servers on same machine)


The other 225 server (ah monsters) still dosnt have a updated map rotation yet.(it missing the new 32 maps) but the server is still unstable.and intill I solve that ( its a  kinda random DWK hang , not a crash)

I have the time , but atm not the effort to jump into working on these things. The site / blog got some effort tho and all 66 of the posts are now here , along with links , rss , meta , comment and uploads. and some edits.



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One response to “A 4th of July related post , Samspawn Redesign Ideas

  1. Anassumous

    July 5, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    A bunch of gays meated up on the 4th of July consuming the free time.


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