Alternative Team Map Ending and better ideas

01 Jul

Somone  is trying to reinvent coop ending

For thos not reading TP , It basicly a room with 2 ramps and 2 pods so that 2 players would have to get trapped to open the ending.They didnt consider the player could reconnect to trigger the second trigger and end the map un-coopertivly.. kinda lol’d. not to mention if your trapped at a ending the chances of just leaving since you can do nothing are extremly high.If Iwas frozen in a game , Iwould leave faster then you could type unfreeze. Mabye somthing a bit more elabrate , like say , having to all hit 3 seperate buttons within a few secends or each other , to far to walk/run between. think missle launch keys…

or somthing more simple like simple having a triggered ‘zone’ that would count the players inside it to trigger. , A ‘grouptriggerzone’ so to speak. it doest have to be a zone , it could be a trigger actor , you could have this be a weight based challage , where a counterbalance wieght needs to be offset be the ammont of players to open a door , break a rope etc.

Having somthing like in NatTres-BofSecrets , where a player must hold a lever for a door to remain open, and that person gets left behind and cant end by themelves.

or just go a whole another route , Find the people that like to run the maps, and then make it so it just ignores that person/addresses attempt to end the map. but not everyones, so that coopertive players can end , but the single ofending players cant , , I did this in my modified version of xcoop but never needed it ,If the user touched the ending it check there ip / name , If it was in the list , It simply skipped past all further proccesing. , basicly like end off but for single players. This wouldnt block them from calling voteend manually , but would prevent them from phyicly triggering the end sequence.. least restrictive solution to idiots , like freezing them or muting .

If you got to this point like Idid , then you already thought to much of it. you would have kicked the player or enabled votending.

which brings me to another thought…

It acually looks like this is almost possible to do this in just a mutator now, But MutatePermitLevelEnd() dosnt pass the ending player / actor. however Security handler does get the player actor. At allowlevelswitch() but that requires a modification of the security handlers to tap into that. whitch is probably where somthing like that would be added anyway. it is after all a security function and it can access more security related functions if it was there.

Although it would be convinent as a mutator especally since permitlevelend() is already there. This would be difficult to change the paramenters of since it must be changed in any mutators/ handlers that refenerce it (In reality only the main game class)

I dont think im gonna do this in this new gametype atm,It just a interesting example of a solution , to a problem that dosent even exist…….yet

BTW Thanks for the encouragment Pcube  Wicth is why I really need to add a comment system here somehow , So that I can see the user feedback., perferable without any logins / singup .


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