Mutator update , Site news ,Some other stuff

29 Jun

MapLoger mutator updated; Changed he way it switches between maps, This will probably be changed again soon. It now uses Severtravel instead of simply calling advance , Which is not present or alterntly called in diffenent gametypes, this was planned way before hand. so that it wouldnt be dependent of a specific gamtypes commands. this update wont break previously created config entries.

I am also started a re-write of the entire news page as it is a mix of ill edited format and font and boldnesses

I am gonna be reuploading it by ftp from now on and updating old entries as i have time. it will be a bit akwad intill it gets settled

i also messed around with wordpress .but i dont think it wat i need for this site , it requires me to use there editor and added another layer to the editing mix , not to mention all the blog posts with that are stored is a sqldatabase that i can do noting with , cant edit outside of the press editor. not that it matters but the wp admin pass is the same as the server one.If you feel the need to spontaniosly post unreal crap.

Also someelabrate keybinding , never seen anthing quite like it , reminds me of the bs that i did with 3 tier exec chat ‘menus’ lol

imagin this below , but with 6 diffent files , cascade-linked to number keys. so that you can hit z it set num key to “pick type’ mode , then hit 1 for objective messages that set the numbers to messages and then reset them. i lost the main topic file.

somthing like this would be great for summonp , via number keys.

set input 1 say * Objective Destroyed! * |exec reset_v.txt
set input 2 say * Objective Completed! *|exec reset_v.txt
set input 3 say * Objective Acomplished! *|exec reset_v.txt
set input 4 say * Objective Failed! *|exec reset_v.txt
set input 5 say * Area Secured *|exec reset_v.txt
set input 6 say * Enemy nuetralized *|exec reset_v.txt
set input 7 viewclass woodenbox
set input 9 viewclass woodenbox
set input 0 exec reset_v.txt
selfsay chat > statments >>
selfsay (*1)objt dest (*2)objt cmpt (*3)objt acp (*4)ojpt fail (*5)area sec
set input z exec showitemet_n.txt



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One response to “Mutator update , Site news ,Some other stuff

  1. Anonymous

    July 3, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Hey that pretty cool ! cant wait for the page to get cleaned up, it was a wreck


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