New 226 Mappack in Creation

18 Jun

Ronbr has for a while now been working on some 226 maps.  Currently has a pack of 42 available on his blog/site. The current version contains upak stuff so you will need  unrealGold instaled to load/ play ,I cant run them on my server since i run 225 and 227h without gold as is .  There not Super awsome maps , But they are a fairly large pack, Just thought I would give it a mention since it hard to find any active sites for unrealgold maps. The blog is in Portuguese.

Site ( …. English Translated Link

Download links:

here or alternatively here

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Posted by on June 18, 2011 in Cool Stuff, New content releases


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One response to “New 226 Mappack in Creation

  1. Ronaldo Magalhães

    July 28, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Hola Bob, I’m Ron-us, I had a problem with my map, someone got my password on the ubuntu one and deleted all my maps, and also deleted my blog, I recovered some, but I lost all my work, if you have downloaded them and have them saved on your computer, could send them by e-mail them for me, grateful. Very good your blog.
    Link goes ahead with some maps recovered:


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