Conclusion of UnrealSP Speedmaping Contest

16 Jun

Today concluded the unrealsp Speedmaping contest , the authors had 2 and a half months to make a map with stock resources that was compatible with both unreal / ut. out of the 17bparticapents it seems only 7 submited a map , most aperently couldnt find the time to finish or there maps turned into bsp hell.

Anyway here are the maps that were submitted

Chapel of the Elders by Teridax: …
Inside the Lab by Editor Dave:
Patch for Inside the Lab:
Isle of Sharighar Demo by Leo: … OSdemo.rar
Marooned by Shivaxi:
The Oll Stone Prologue by ebd:
The Triamid Ruins by Turboman:
The Forest Run by LegendSlayer222: … P_224f.rar
Speedmap by TheIronKnuckle … edmap2.unr

A Mirror of all the maps can be found Here

Hers is a video of Leo entry That he created.



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