Map fixes , updates to maplist , New Sever IP addresss

14 Jun

June 14 2011

Took The time To make a Quick Fix for the dkeep2 glider Samspawn Fallbug, Now If you fall off the glider you teleport back to the start

Not that is it relevent to me, but jacks updated maplist waspublished today , I have been waiting to see what They added so I could Keep my maplists up to date.They added only 6 maps The mumap set , taj and bbgcoop , and removed the THS RTNP pack from there server. this is also relevalt since i made maplogger mutator , as this is the reson i made it. , as you can see they published the maplist in rtf format in wordpad, but it a dataset that they should has in a delimited layout.

mabye some day i will make a proper list for them just to help them out., they dont read this so who cares.

any way i need to get ahold of thee versions on there mu set and add it , the original set had some issue (likly my fault) that crashed the game due to spawner overflow. I already have taj and bbgcrusher , bbgcrusher is a great map.

I have more maps on mine anyway , I also have the usp pack(17) ,The LHpack(5) and the Herd beta pack (31)

I may conider added more maps into the rotation , Like some of the maps I found on the leveling server monkeybrutes! lol, or mabye even ronbrs maps , but his map require upaks , so if i was gonna run them I would have to strip all the upak stuff from them. , By strip i mean replace with a 225 alterative , like rsypak , quick and dirty import /export i thing. im waiting for his maps to be ‘finished’ befoe i do that.


Oh yeah and the mapping contest ends in a few days, So that will present about 18 map at least some of them should be good for co-op .

Some server related news: my ip was changed today, It sucks cus not only is it now dynamic , But it no longer a easy to remember 8 number address , But for some retart reason beyond my comprehension , It says it from PA , yet im in NJ.

I also have moved the server to a new older machine, This will increase preformace , since my main pc has been giving me difficulty and lag freezing lattly. On another note it amazing how much wasted cpu you dont notice on a faster pc.Idle one of my mutators uses 27% cpu Gonna need to look at that


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