Moving To older Server Machine

13 Jun

June 13 2011

I am moving the server(s) back to the original box they once ran on , It ishalf the speed , but it is properly dedicated , lets see what happens.It should be ok with no bs lag cuased by my video freeaking out withc it seem to do allot now with 227g/h , where it total stalles out verifing cache and stuff .Im copying the files over , it about 24 gb for the 4 servers , 2 with shared paths.

The picture above is the server , Seen testing a few harddrives Ihad laying around to see what was on them. It acuallty a apple quadro case i modded and stuffed a 1.6 ghz hp board into that sombody gave me a few years ago, The box was built to run a parallel port christmas light controlr(s) , it was meant to be ‘portable’. Honestly I would put it in a shoebox if it would fit, there no need for a huge ass case. that case has room for 2 harddrives , it has no cd or floppy.Iit a server after all, Not a general use pc. I a m currently accesing it via teamviewer , But it has a monitor attached. I have planes to move it to a faster place on the newtork chain here where it will get about 4 times more availible bandwitch..


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One response to “Moving To older Server Machine

  1. Anonymous

    July 4, 2011 at 5:11 am

    Epic server Lol


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