Birthdays , Phyicx , Paths mutator, Multmap server mutator

04 Jun

June 4 2011

My Cake in not a lie, this was my birthday cake 3 years ago since it birthday today Ithough WTH..

also today the three cool mods , paths , phyicsobject and mulitmap server were released by dots for 227h

“multi map ” mutator for 227h –
Mod modifier mutator for 227h  –
Phyics objects for 227h  –
Paths is kinda silly as you could already make a mutator that can add objcts into the maps that would be compatible with all server platforms. This just lets you do it via the editor witch it a bit easier.

one of these days i will clean up my Spawnto mutator which , allows you to walk around – in game and add tems to the map via commands, This saved data as config can them be sent tho program / script and turned into a ‘patch’ mutator *(is no import script yet lol but it can spawn item at map start by itself. must manuall make the pathces from the data..

Phyics object for me is a bust , I have no phyics supporting card , and since it dosnt support any kind of software emulation that i can see like ut3 did , it crashes my game , if run on a server , it crashes the server. it requires the dll to enter the sever as well , and provided no way to pass the dll Idecide not to copy them here



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