Some utility Mutators Released

15 May
im gonna share a bunch of mutator i have laying around i have been meaning to post


Maplogger V1  Download link:

A mutator For Logging maps / helping Builing Spreadsheet  database  of maps running on your server
this mutator will save the  author , level entry text , title , filenames , songs , pawncount and all end urls.
This is kinda in response to a certian somone who dedicated A large amount of work manuly builing a maplist for a certian 450 map coop server.(not me)
I figured there has to be a faster way. so i made it.
what this does is creates a comma delimited config data for the maps as they are loaded,  for export into excel or another database
Exaple imported ouput:

resulting outputed  html
todo : switchlevel when not advance and pathnode counting


download link

mapurlmut is a  end teleporter swapping mutator i made  for rerouting coop map packs. i know that theres already ways to do this ,

but  most are limited to a dozen maps or so,  This it easy to use, simple to confige ,Requires no script knoledge at all and supports 400 url changes.

repeatconsolecmd mut

download link :

we all seen them , autorun command mutator for your servers these days every gametype/ mutator has the,…
they suffer from 2 problems
1 the values change via other things.( like consumption)
2 the object your tring to effect may not yet exist.
the mutator allow for a set or comand to be repeatady set .


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