Arcived servers , Quick Easter Mod ideas

24 Apr
I have started running the server from a arcived copy of  2009’s server setup!


Last night I was sitting here and realized I have a whole folder here that  contans 6 diffenrt 225 jcoop sever setups from 2009!!
I used to duplicate the sever every time I made a major change to the setup.
so im gonna leave the old server  runnoing from D:backupsNserver225 backupunrealgoldSystem
Previously named  “ (lots of mod runnng][Summoning Allowed) ”
up intill at witch time it either crashes , gets boring , of I restart the pc.

nothing is wong of anything, andit will eventually come back , but this wholeunrealtaking odeverything…

I mean REally i have liek 18 installs of unreal..


Short on time ? didnt come up with a easter theme mod this year ? Theres still hope.

you can type
summon nalirabbit
admin set playerpawn mesh unrealshare.rabbit
admin set playerpawn drawscale 3
and everyone can be nali rabbit for the day! quaick easy , requires no planning!
videos later


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