Problem and solution Creating maplists: Maploggermutator

17 Apr

Today I made something to solve a specific issue , Creating lists of avalible maps with author and title
it so simple yet somone else didnt  think of it when they made there maplist for there coop server , Instead they opened each map and copy/pasted the feilds into a   unformated write ( wri) file. and uploaded in in a zip file
WTF were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!! hardest most incompatible  way possible???
it had random tab and carrige retunrs and took so much effort to import to excel that it was almost not worh it.
today i came up with a faster and  simple plan. use a mutator to grab the author / level title / and file name ,  ideal playerload teleporters , songs , and save then into a ini file seperated be commas.
This file can be imported into excel    you are done  2 steps, not a single copy paste any where
For coop gametypes , It can now automaticly end the map , logging about 4 maps per minute now, it will automaticly stop when it hit a map it already logged , ie a loop. that mean 400 maps will take about 90 minute TOTAL not 20 hours of copypaste.
anyway I may prehaps post it to another forum which started this rant.
intill i upload some other stuff later ,, when is later .. whenever yea ss was fixed but im lazy to uplaod it ///
edit : wow i just though how easy it would be to have it log the teleporter end urls too!! crap that would be even more usefull.
it takes about 72 minutes to rake tho 387 maps,


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