227g/h Botpack mod

10 Apr
I just  realized the 227g botpack port  is  so   perfect  offline ,  Dots is  amazing. if i took screenshots or video u still woldnt belive it was oringinal unreal.

i spent about 5 hours last night enjoying it. Assualt ,CTF ,Deathmatch ,Domination , 20 bots at a time
it runs way better then ut does  for me. im gonna start seeing wat files/mods dont work with it and see how many i can make work
any way the  227g server’com andpwa’  is running to test crap like this too but it not as awsome as offline..
I  dont think it a good idea to post a download link here , Since im not sure if i have permission to do so , and due to the fact that peolpe who dont own ut obviouly would be getting somthing for nothing etc.

ah screw it enjoy!

Dropbox link to most updated files I can find.

edit : links fixed since i was cleaning thing up they got moved…

227g/h botpack



oldskool stuff for loading onp coop maps etc

This wont magicly work , you will need to have files / sounds / skins /maps from unrealtournament copped into you unreal folder. spefificy , the voice sounds ,and basic playerskins , Then to open maps you will need everything else , you can link you unreal install to ut by adding paths in the unreal.ini that point to ut , well you can figure that out i hope , enjoy!

there is no start match panel so to speak ,  you need to configure thos option like num of bots etc in the int file or  the advanced option panels a bit tricky.

oh yes 1 more thing a bug so to speak , , players that dont have the sound files installed on there client wont be able to join a server that runs this mod. so no online play unless everyone has the sound files installed.


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3 responses to “227g/h Botpack mod

  1. Astonov

    January 29, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Hi, can you reupload those files?


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