Unreal 227g Patch Released

05 Apr

227g is here!!!!! omg omg get it now yay
backup any existing installs first!!!! , Especally if you have mods created in 227f
227f mods may not be totally  compatible with 227g.
if you use the /system/system/unreal.exe trick for xfire path , Replace that file as well.( i forgot)
lol the greatness of  being a earlybird.. there not a single 227g server yet running , and 227g cant join 227f servers lol
for those who are counting,  this means I will have a total of 16 installs of unreal installed by later today.
7-14gb unrealserver installs are a bitch to duplicate/backup/update.
Iif you running a 227f server , Backup the security.ini file first b4 you install , since the installer will overides the old one , loseing all of the aliases and guid’s .. wtf.. why would you overide it as  the identities sums are the same…?? should have merged them. at worst the ids will be different but the names/ ip s will be the same , 227 never handled logging  right imo.
the new patch seems to make bbgcrushercoop work without client crashes in xcoop so im happy.
Somone needs to put the patch on  on bitttorrent so it wont take 57 minutes to download.
download links as copied from oldunreal
Installer for Unreal versions without Return to Napali:
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.rar
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.rar
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.rar – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealClassicPatch227g.7z

Installer for Unreal versions with Return to Napali (Unreal Gold and Unreal Anthology):
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.rar
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.rar
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.rar – mirror by 00Laboratories
File(s): UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z – mirror by
File(s): Alternative download: UnrealGoldPatch227g.7z

feels like the slowest 45 minutes of downloading ever…

Looks like the botpack/ut stuff dosnt work with ut maps  as is , But then again thats nothing to do with 227g and is a unoffical 3rd party mod(one of the main appeals for me). and the main mod on my 227 server  is broken against 227g for now.

update a new version was found that works with the offical 227g patch and see further april 18

bugs seen so far by me:
-looks like  reconnecting into game start entry map still crashes the game.
-The no connection established yet when calling ugetplayerip is still present.
(Which means it probably still gonna hang connections / replies when its called in a loop)
-mysterious hanging connections on server start. a joiner appers in uplayers but isnt acully doing not downloading or playing.
-I dont see a straightfoward bool to show downloads when players are connecting.
-The preferences window still  likes to open shrunk between my 2 screens wher i have to click on the single pixel border to have it show the scroll bar and resize to change mater where is moved to it always show there upon opening.
-getting killed  in entry and hitting restart entry  cuased the frame to become emtpy and transerant. and entry didnt restart.
– console being replaced after joinguin servers is super annoying ,
– unreal takes 4 times as long to start , 227f took 8 secons , 227g takes about 22 to get to intro map.
-nobodys gona read this so it dont matter what i say. i play this game morethen you do im sure.
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