Key Layouts

26 Mar

March 26, 2011

UDHQ lives on (Again) .

here a great tip for hopping between servers ,

type this ‘set input numpad2 disconnect|obj garbage’
now when you want to leave a server or you get a mismatch , hit numpad2.
allso usefull , ‘set input p veiwclass playerpawn false‘ for viewing other players.
‘set input b behindview 1 |onrealease behindview 0″
you can hit p then hitBb to veiw others in gfirst person
and ‘set input v  ghost | onrealease walk’ , with this if you want to stay ghosting , hold v and hit ~ and reales v , due to a bug.
you can  press v and ~ and foward . and with other hand type summons.,
all keyboard use should be one handed to where your hand never has to move.
me setup
q = activate
w = foward
e = netinv
r= ghost|summontitan|walk
a= left strafe
d=strafe right
f= supoersummon
s backward
tab = scores|scores
z=summon ?
b =behindview


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