Unreal RSS feeds You Can follow , Serioussam 2 stuff

10 Mar


Big long one today.

I am kinda a RSS feed nut , I follow about  12 unreal related RSS news feeds and check updates hourly  ( somtimes faster then the mods do) , I am gonna see if i can somehow bundle these and have them repost  here at the top of page. I think my reader can do it automaticly. Heres  a few of them  that i follow :

udhq is working on a bat for 225 , and just released the final of   mario hand

Im really glad some mod authers understand the 225 issue and make there new mods combatible. both of these new mods mariohand and bat are fully compatible with 225.

-also some bad news : serious sam 2 demo models dont seem to be importable via milkshape at all.? didnt try the textures yet ,looks like ogg and wav sounds tho so they should work.and the first music track made me want to cover my ears./




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