Huge Udm map , Rebuild TroublesTr

06 Mar

just  decided to open dungen maker again after just recenty getting it to work ,Dungen maker linked to my site  in ther RSS news  feed, Relating to my possible  issues running the program in 64bit.  About a week ago  I had found  my expported screenshot recently, and  mentioned it  about a  along with a short message that metioned it wont run here after the v3 update. with no details about why. sorry about that. it appers somone who visited here saw it and after seeing my pc specs came to the conclusion that that was the problem,  Here is  a little  more info on my issues i had.

my  issue turned out to  be caused by DotNet 3.5 not being installed, Kinda my own fault .The thing about DotNet framworks is that there not ‘updates’ there entirly new sets of instructions aperently.Installing 3.0 if somthing  needs 2.5 will Fail , as would installing the latest  4.0 to run somthing requing 3.5. theres never any hint that thats the cause, Since most prograsms dont include any checks for Required Dotnet Frameworks. This happens in many programs usally resulting in mysterious  non-infomative crash messages at startup.

anyway i  just Found the map amongst some backed up files,  Mabye i can   look into why it doent rebuild properly  in urealed again.

when i tried it last time It wouldnt rebuild in  227f  Editor , , After waiting close to an hour to rebuild the map  the unreled editor just closes out when it reaches the almost last brush. Yet again mabye somehow my fault.    Heres the layout if anybody wanted some ideas  I spent many  hours doing it.

Mazes,  Diagnals , Zigzags,Tunnels,Long halls,  a multitude of  dead ends and attack points.pointless passages and hidden enemys. some multiple  choices – some hard way some easier. it a  map with a start and a end and a bunch of usless strorage rooms and stuff in between . Was planning on making the most complex map and was planning on using classic wolf3d textures too and  submiting it for lolz. and credit for using entire grid without repeating geometry. .Now that there are multiple floors possible  and it looks like someone already submited a ‘Fullgriddungen’, This  kind  of map is  no longer all that impressive.I never got futher then this b4 running into the  unrealed rebuild issue as far as i can recal, didnt think about it intill just now , but posting this screenshot most likly makes  solving the maze a whole lot easier.

heres a resonably high-res screenshot

after using v2  for a  entended period there was some features i wish were present and a few bugs i found:

  • Opening a 80X80 grid map defaults in a a 20×20 grid , So anybody opening a 8080 map only sees the top left corner intill Hitting the grid size key.
  • There the slight unrealbug that cant select all matching  room/brush  or somthing without selecting the entire map  since it all one brush, so texturing takes longer.
  • A interesting feature i would like to see would be the  abity to select a section of grid and copy and  paste it ,  or  select  a section to  mirror / rotate / flip or importing a map into a existing map
  • Save often , mabye auto save feature…

This editor  is very  similar to the the Wolf3d editor , using block objects to create a 2d world.. I started to port and  submited  W3De1m2.ud2  in udm but it became to much to finish having to compare grid to grid between 2 screens.

it seem the new version that i just got to work exports a much smaller filesize , and as i type unrealed is attemping to rebuild it once again. ill see what happens.


new link to the  mapandlog

The origianal map can be downloaded with udm under user maps..


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One response to “Huge Udm map , Rebuild TroublesTr

  1. Henry00³ ( de Jongh )

    January 16, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    Hey bob, why is it that you never contacted me, I found this on google just now, if I had known there was actual feedback like this I would have worked on it some more, there is a new project coming up that’s alike, and I added you on messenger.


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