Deathhouse Ideas

04 Feb

For tho of you just reading now deathhouse was a map i started back in october of 2010 for is bassicly a map of traps some copied from other maps, some original .it possible to run tho it without getting killed if skilled , but quite hard if you dont know the methods. it was made pretty much for watching noobs get killed over and over so i could LMAO.t mostly about timing and not so much skill. it has many ‘detours’ that send you back to the begining again to start over.and some deadend you cant escape from.Its  is now consisting of 16 differnt traps and counting…its gonna  have builtit anticheat, so if you try to fly/ghost it startes you at begining again…lol im so mean

  1. jumpbeam/chopjaws overlava (velora)
  2. wall mounted triple stacked spike bars (velora)
  3. crusherceiling maze ( original based on sam)
  4. jumping trick spike gap ( original)
  5. Map fork – 1 way is a fall trap that land in a hallway with falling rollor rocks, only way out is a teleportthat bring you to start.
  6. ceiliong crushers ( smaller gap , fastertime) ( based on sam)
  7. map fork -= 1 way is a trap room that fills with pupae and only way outis a return nto start.
  8. metal jaws x 4 , cant pass on sides due to spike walls (foundry)
  9. Lasers X 24! (extremend)
  10. more jaws. and some swinging axes? (foundry / demonskeep?)
  11. hallway filled with arrow spawner (25 arrowspawners), lava beam (velora)
  12. spikes ceiling ,popup saw blades ( demonkeep?)
  13. FALLING rocks(skarajamine)
  14. halls that have triggered walls that smash you into spikes( rtcw)
  15. oposing velocity fan/spike room ( original , sam se)
  16. goldeneye style floor tile trap ( original , n64 goldeneye)
stuff possible planed:
  • moving crusher ceiling trtap like in seerious sam (Already roufghed out)
  • snake/gizmo  filling room with drop chutes (started)
  • Snake pit?.. yeah with killwe snakes… sweet idea
  • long dodging ledges on lava somhow( a hallway was built)
  • falling floor tiles over lava (acully did this in a prior version already with 20 tiles)
  • popup circularsaw blades
  • a rotating pike board trap ( like in rtcw)
  • moreideas from rtcw/sam?
  • Jumppads velocity zonethings
  • A multifllor drop down floors somehow ( like sam) (built the flors)
  • Rotating room pipe cheese grater thing ?
  • a beter falling rocl hallway trap.
  • shrinking walls room , like a spike walled trap thing.


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