Deathhouse ,Superdungen, Server video , Site rebuild

02 Feb


Screenshot of some recent revisions to deathhouse, I started gettin back into it and fixed most of the critical issues.Yeah theres opposing zone velocity in  that room, May look simlilar to a scene from a differnt game. It seems like blockplayers have no effect in velocityzones?

its too bad the dungen maker update breaks on my pc fixed , but the rebuild issue still remains.I started this gaint map, that cant even be imported due to it complexity it would take about 49 minutes to import then the 227/ut editor just shutdown.-edits

Freshly uploaded – Cache files for 225 Server

heres a video posted by uas_vangaurd featuring  my server.    you can check out his channel here


Heres some recent maps that werre released

e3m5 by luo – a wolf3d map

bbgcrushercoop by bbg – a verygood doom map recreation

scorthed castle  by leotck – builts for a brush limit contest has the 8-bit dungen feelling to it.

here was the mod download tho

Opps! I broke the page again and it got overrided  while coruptly saving. I hate this webeditor.

ya im pissed and going to sleep now lol , Gonna look into a blog type layout for this page i think that wats its turning into , i want a ‘ like’ or comment system.or mabye just be like screw it and not care.

check out some of the other sections to the right whille i think about what to do.


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